All-Star Catch

All-Star Catch

What You'll Need:

  • 1 ball (could be a baseball, foam ball, ping pong ball etc.) for every pair of players
  • Baseball gloves for each player

  1. Form two lines about 3 feet apart and have all of the teammates stand across from each other.
  2. Create two finish lines several yards behind the starting lines using chalk, tape, trashcans, cones, or whatever is available.

How to Play All-Star Catch:
  1. Divide the group into teams of two.
  2. Give a ball (could be a baseball, foam ball, ping pong ball etc.) to all of the kids in one line.
  3. The players holding the balls toss them to their teammates.
  4. Teammates on the receiving side must catch the balls.
  5. If the teammate catches the ball, he or she takes one step back and tosses the ball back.
  6. If the teammate doesn't catch the ball he or she must stay put and throw the ball back.
  7. This continues and the players step back after every successful toss.
  8. The first team to have both players cross their finish lines wins.

  • If a player drops the ball, that team must leave the game. The last team left wins.
  • Allow teams to drop the ball three times before they are out.

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