Ballerina Placemat Craft

Ballerina Placemat Craft

This is a great activity to engage the kids with at the start of the party, as you wait for all of your guests to arrive. Alternatively, it can be used near the end of the party to help the children settle down with a quiet craft before going home.

You will need:

  • Copies of our Ballerina Coloring Page for Each Guest
  • 12"-Round or Square Paper Doilies
  • Crayons or Washable Markers
  • A Variety of Stickers Shaped Like Ballet Shoes, Hearts, Flowers, or Stars
  • Glue Sticks
  • Children's Scissors
  • Clear Contact Paper

At the party:

Start by having each child color a ballerina coloring page. Then, have the children cut out their colored ballerinas. Give each child a doily and some glue, and tell the kids to glue their ballerinas onto their doilies. Let the children finish by decorating their doilies with stickers. (Note: It may be wise to write the children's names on the backs of their doilies before moving to the next step.)

Have an adult cover both sides of each creation with clear contact paper, and then cut off the excess along the scalloped edges of each doily. Now the children will have ballet placemats to take home!

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