Ballerina Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Plan a beautiful ballerina party that your guests will adore with our Ballerina Party Ideas! We have provided general party planning tips as well as great decorating, food, game, and activity suggestions that are sure to make your party tu-tu much fun!

Ballerina Party Planning & Invitations

If you'd rather not have the party at home, contact a few dance schools in your area to see if any of them host birthday parties in their dance studios. Other possible party locations may include a nearby park, a local recreation center room, a community clubhouse, or your church's social hall. Basic ballerina party supplies include paper tableware like plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery; as well as a tablecloth, balloons, and streamers. If you plan to use themed tableware, consider our Ballerina Party Supplies. You may also want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting other items to fit your ballerina party theme, such as the following:

  • Cookie cutters in Star, Flower and/or Butterfly Shapes
  • Dress-up items Like Ballet Tutus and Tiaras for Your Guests to Wear
  • A Bubble-Making Machine
  • Ballet balloons
  • Tiaras
  • Disposable Cameras

If you want fun and unique invitations with a personalized touch, consider our Personalized Ballet Invitations, which include the birthday child's name and all the party details for you! We also offer blank ballerina invitations that you can fill in yourself. Creative handmade invitations build excitement and can increase attendance at your child's ballet party. If you have time to make your own, be sure to involve your child in choosing the design and filling in the details. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Include a dance sticker and some confetti with each ballerina party invitation and seal the envelope with a personalized dance party sticker with party information or a fun message on it!
  • Use pink cardstock folded in half, and decorate the cover with a ballerina sticker. Add your party details inside.
  • Write your party details on a paper doll and then add a tutu around the doll's waist with pink tulle.
  • Ask the birthday girl to draw a picture of a ballerina. Photocopy her drawing onto colored paper and add the party details. Then roll up the invitation into a scroll, and tie it with a pink ribbon. Alternatively, take a photo of the birthday girl in her favorite ballerina dress and use that as the main invitation picture.

Ballerina Invitations and Thank Yous

Ballerina Party Decorating & Food Ideas

Choose from our list of decorating ideas to create a ballet atmosphere for your party. Try just a few ideas, or go all out! Here are some ballerina-themed decoration ideas for you to try out at your birthday party. 

  • Have the guest of honor wear her favorite ballerina party dress so she greets her guests in style!
  • Greet your guests with a large group of pink and white balloons outside your front door and a cascade of bubbles from a bubble machine.
  • Ask your guests to wear dance leotards. When the girls arrive, give each a tutu and>tiara to wear. This will make them all feel like ballerinas! Purchase the items, or make your own! To make a simple ballet tutu, just gather pink netting, and sew a strip of satin ribbon around the waist. Include enough extra ribbon on each end to create a tie in back.
  • Make large tissue paper flowers in shades of pink and white, and use them as your table centerpiece. See our easy Tissue paper flower kit, or purchase your own supplies and use our instructions for making tissue flowers. Arrange groups of flowers on the tables and floors, hang them from the ceiling, or tie them to your guests' chairs.
  • Hang tulle netting from the ceiling to create a canopy over the main party table. Attach some butterflies and flowers from a craft store.
  • Play well-known ballet music such as Swan Lake or The Nutcracker.
  • Bring your full-length mirror into the party room, and lean it against the wall so the ballerinas can see themselves.

Ballerina Decorations

When it comes to food, partygoers are usually perfectly content to eat pizza or hotdogs, which is certainly much easier on the hosts! However, if you have the time and would like to serve some dainty treats, consider these ballerina party food ideas:

  • Prepare jam sandwiches cut with a star cookie cutter.
  • Serve cut fruit in clear plastic goblets.
  • Offer pink lemonade served in tea cups.
  • Serve magic wand cookies! Simply prepare star-shaped sugar cookies and slide a wooden popsicle stick under each cookie before baking. Bake as usual, and frost as desired.
  • Offer a plate of mini muffins in several different flavors.
  • Serve crispy rice cereal treats sprinkled with pink sugar.
  • Create a Ballerina Birthday Cake by making a miniature tiered cake with a ballerina figure on top. Simply bake one 9" and one 6" round cake in your child's favorite flavor. Stack the smaller cake on the center of the larger one, and cover both layers with pink frosting. Add the ballerina figure as the cake topper.

Ballerina Party Favor Ideas

Thank the guests for attending your child's ballerina party with fun party favors like tiaras, stickers, hair accessories, coloring books, fancy pens, and bubbles. Or, to simplify your planning, consider our complete Favor Sets which include matching bags! Try favors like:

  • Ballerina dolls
  • Lip gloss
  • Costume items for girls
  • Ballerina Stickers
  • Ballerina Temporary Tattoos
  • Costume Jewelry

Ballerina Favors and Gifts

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