Backyardigans Trivia Game

Backyardigans Trivia Game

At the Party:

Use the trivia questions below to quiz your guests on their knowledge of The Backyardigans! Either divide your guests up into teams and see which team can answer the most questions, or make it a non-competitive game by having all guests call out the answers to the questions, and work together on the tougher ones.

Trivia Questions:

  1. Name all five main Backyardigans characters.
  2. What happens at the end of every episode?
  3. Which character wears a blue bowtie?
  4. Which character always says, 'That was an excellent adventure, don't you think?"
  5. What color is Uniqua's polka dots?
  6. What king of animal is Tasha?
  7. Which character is a kangaroo?
  8. What color is Pablo's house?
  9. What TV station does The Backyardigans air on?
  10. What kind of animal is Uniqua?

Trivia Answers:
  1. Pablo, Uniqua, Austin, Tyrone, and Tasha
  2. One character invites the others over for a snack.
  3. Pablo
  4. Tyrone
  5. Pink
  6. Hippopotamus
  7. Austin
  8. Blue
  9. Nick Jr.
  10. She is a Uniqua! (her own species)

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