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Gender Reveal Party Ideas and Inspirations

If you just love surprises, our set of Gender Reveal party supplies will help give you the ultimate surprise! A baby is on the way and it’s an exciting time for everyone involved. If you want to make the big announcement of what you’re expecting, throw a huge party at the same time. Find everything you need to shock friends and family with joy!

Hosting a gender reveal party means you will need some necessary items. Even though you aren’t sure if it’s a boy or girl, our products cover both! Our gender reveal invitations and tableware and cake supplies have designs with pink and blue. Packs of napkins, plates, and cups can be found to fit the party. There are even entire tableware kits which includes everything you might need. Then, set up all kinds of gender reveal decorations to get guests into the fun party atmosphere! Huge banners, themed balloons, and all kinds of pink and blue décor can be found. Setting up for such a joyous event will be just as entertaining.

Speaking of having fun, don’t forget to come up with activities for guests to partake. Treat the gender reveal like a baby shower and there are all kinds of games to play. Have everyone guess the gender, weight, and due date, or get a festive pinata to give your party some playful action. We have a variety of gender reveal party favors to give away. Thank your friends and coming with goodie bags and keepsakes. There are also personalized options which can be printed with a special name or message of your choosing.

There is always going to be lots of planning to do, especially with a baby on the way. We hope to help in any way possible by providing a variety of party supplies to help make the announcement and celebration exciting! With so much love all in one place, that child, whether a boy or girl, will have such a supportive family.

What is a Gender Reveal Party?

Got a baby on the way? It’s time to plan the ultimate celebration: a gender reveal party! Your loved ones are thrilled about the upcoming arrival of your bundle of joy, so they’ll be excited to take part in this special event. Gender reveal parties have become incredibly popular in recent years, and they’re a fun way to include your family and friends in your pregnancy while you all discover the gender of your baby together. We have all the baby shower and gender reveal party supplies you’ll need to make your celebration incredible.

You can’t have a gender reveal party without games, so here are a few ideas for a memorable celebration. Ask your guests to wear pink if they think you’re having a girl or blue if they think it’ll be a boy. Hang up baby pictures of your guests and get everyone to guess who each baby is. You can also play guessing games involving the baby’s gender, name, or due date. Don’t forget to create the perfect party playlist too – include songs with the words “baby,” “boy,” or “girl” in the title to get everyone in the mood to celebrate.

Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Gender Reveal Invitations

When you decide on a time and place for your party, the next step is sending out invitations. Your family and friends will be counting down the days to your special event when they receive these adorable pink and blue gender reveal party invitations. Whether you want standard invitations or personalized invites, we’ve got you covered. Add an extra touch of fun to your invitations by decorating the envelopes with baby-themed stickers and address labels. These cute invites ask a very important question, and your guests will be excited to find out the answer!

Gender Reveal Tableware

Set the scene with colorful gender reveal tableware. Start out with our darling table cover decorated with pink and blue onesies, rattles, baby feet, and question marks. Make things simple and get a tableware kit featuring adorable pink and blue owls or a rattle and pacifier design, or mix and match and buy plates, cups, and napkins separately. Our plastic gender reveal cups act as both tableware and a party favor! Add to your theme with pink and blue plastic utensils and straws. Pink and blue coasters are also a great option – they’ll add fun pops of color around the room while protecting your furniture from water marks.

Gender Reveal Decorations

Your guests will gasp with delight when they see your precious gender reveal decorations. Hang our swirl decorations, banners, streamers, garland, and paper lanterns to transform your space into a blue and pink paradise. Decorate tables and other furniture with our centerpieces and honeycomb decorations, and add baby bottles, pacifiers, and rattles for an extra cute touch. If you really want your party to be a hit, set up a photo booth or hang a gender reveal backdrop – your guests will have a blast posing with baby-themed items and sharing their photos on social media.

Gender Reveal Balloons

What’s one thing every party needs? You guessed it: balloons! We offer all the pink and blue balloons your heart desires. You can buy them individually or get a balloon bouquet! Make the party easy to find by putting a few balloons outside. Impress your guests by having them walk through a balloon arch when they enter the celebration. Let your balloons float freely, tie them to chairs, or attach them to balloon weights and set them on counters, furniture, or the floor. You can even fill them with pink or blue confetti, glitter, or paint and pop them to reveal your baby’s gender.

Gender Reveal Personalization

Add a touch of magic to your celebration with our amazing personalized products. Greet your guests with a cute personalized banner, and send them home with personalized favors like stickers, buttons, magnets, lip balm, bubbles, and key chains. Use our bag tags as food labels, hand out bottles of water, lollipops, and candy bars featuring personalized labels, or decorate dessert with colorful cupcake picks. Serve sweets in our personalized candy tubes, apothecary jars, paint cans, or milk jars. No matter what kind of personalized item you’re looking for, we have it.

Gender Reveal Piñatas

Make any party more fun with a piñata! Watch your guests enjoy taking swings at it or fill it with pink or blue candy, confetti, glitter, sequins, or beads for the ultimate gender reveal. Our pink and blue question mark piñata doubles as a darling decoration and an entertaining party activity. Make sure you get a piñata bat, blindfold mask, and fillers so you’ll have everything you need. Everyone loves a piñata, so you’ll want to have this sweet treat at your gender reveal party. Your guests will get excited as soon as they see it!

Gender Reveal Party Favors & Gifts

Show your guests how much you appreciate them with gender reveal favors and gifts. They’ll be thrilled to take a piece of the party home with them, and we have plenty of favors they’ll love. Get our personalized favor bags or boxes and fill them with pink and blue goodies. Give them useful favors like magnets, key chains, or lip balm or send them home with candy tubes, apothecary jars, mugs, or pails filled with treats. Whether you’re looking for standard favors or personalized gifts, we have something for everyone. Your guests will love having cute keepsakes to bring back fond memories of your gender reveal celebration.

Gender Reveal Thank Yous

Keep the gratitude going by sending your loved ones thank you notes after the party. Our personalized pink and blue gender reveal thank you notes are the perfect way to show your appreciation, and your guests will be touched that you took the time to send them. Since the baby’s gender is no longer a secret, you could also send thank you notes that are specific to a baby boy or baby girl. If you took photos at the celebration, make your thank you extra special and include party pictures of each guest in their thank you note.

Gender Reveal Ideas

There are many creative ways to reveal the gender of your baby, but the most common (and delicious) way is to serve a gender reveal cake that’s pink or blue inside. If you’d like to be surprised by the gender along with everyone else, have your sonographer write the baby’s gender down and put it in a sealed envelope. Give the envelope to a baker and ask them to make the inside of the cake blue or pink, depending on the gender. You can also break a piñata filled with pink or blue candy, pop balloons filled with pink or blue confetti, or fill a box with pink or blue balloons and open it to reveal your baby’s gender to your guests. If you really want to amp up the fun, shoot a confetti cannon or hit or kick a gender reveal baseball or football and watch blue or pink powder explode everywhere. Don’t mind getting messy? Have your guests cover you with pink or blue silly string or shoot you with water guns full of paint. If fireworks are legal in your area, you can even go all out and have a beautiful pink or blue fireworks display. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to have a special, memorable day.

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