Baby Shark Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on March 2, 2020

If your little deep-sea diver is enamored with a certain family of colorful sharks, no need to swim all over the internet looking for Baby Shark party ideas. We have enough here to fill an ocean. The viral singing sensation that parents and children worldwide can’t get out of their heads is now available as party supplies.

The chart-topping song will probably be running through your head by the time you are done reading this, and if you’re ready to keep riding the Baby Shark wave right into your little one’s next birthday celebration, let us help you simplify the planning process. See how easy it is to make a huge splash with our decorating tips and clever food ideas that will keep all the party sharks happy.

From the invitations to the party favors, we’ll prepare you for a full day of singing "Baby shark! DOO, DOO, D-DOO, D-DOO" and a fin-tastic Baby Shark Birthday party.

Baby Shark Party Invitations

Set these bright and bubbly Baby Shark Personalized Invitations a-sailing into guest’s mailboxes and be sure they’ll be humming that catchy theme song every day until party time!

Baby Shark Party Decorations

This Baby Shark Family Frenzy Stand Up makes for a bold backdrop. Prop it up along the back edge of the food table and embellish with a homemade life preserver banner. TIP: Remove the centers from Styrofoam discs and cover with Solid Crepe Streamers to get the preserver look.

To frame the family backdrop, install a balloon arch to mimic bubbles. TIP: Use all the Baby Shark family colors, including Grandma’s orange and Grandpa’s green, for added variety. Top the table with a Baby Shark Tablecover and a patch of pool noodle sea life and plants for even more thematic fun.

Baby Shark Party Place Settings

Little swimmers will love diving into their treats at this decked out dining table. Layers of color and pattern make for a whirlpool of party excitement. Use a Baby Shark Centerpiece Kit to set the stage then group tableware atop a table runner created from a Yellow Dots Tablecover.

Lunch Plates nest in Yellow Plastic Plates with Baby Shark Dessert Plates and Chevron Blue Lunch Napkins swimming alongside.

Placing Hot Pink Forks and Spoons in Baby Shark 9oz Cups not only adds a pop of additional color but makes it easier for little ones to find their utensils.

Transform Solid Yellow Party Hats into Baby Sharks with some clever trimming and cardstock cutouts. TIP: Use the leftover paper material, created from cutting the hat to shape, to construct all three of the fins. Or if crafting time is short, use these pre-made Baby Shark Party Hats.

Baby Shark Party Foods

Save the seafood for grown-up sailors and serve little mates a variety of ship-shape snacks. Label everything with tent cards crafted from cardstock and Baby Shark Personalized Mini-Stickers. Then make clear cups seaworthy by dressing them up with Blue Scallop Cup Cake Wrappers…  how cute that the scallop edges look like waves!  Try offering guests some of these punny snack ideas:

  • Driftwood - pretzel sticks
  • Submarine Sandwiches (TIP: The Baby Shark Assorted Mini-Stickers make great sandwich picks; just back them with cardstock circles and attach toothpicks.)
  • Sea Cucumbers and Crab Legs - sliced cucumbers and carrot sticks
  • Ocean Water - blue bottled sports drink
  • Fish-n-Chips - bags of fish-shaped crackers and potato chips served in mini-sand pails
  • Great White Cake - decorated with a shark fin and blue wave cake topper
  • Seaweed - green apple-flavored licorice
  • Shark Bait - gummi worms
  • Coral Reef Candy - rock candy sticks

Baby Shark Party Activities

Line little sailors up for a game of Baby Shark Toss during which players try to pitch bean bags into Baby Shark’s mouth. A Baby Shark Stand Up makes the perfect target. Even more fun would be to use a Baby Shark Musical Stand Up so it can play the theme song as kids toss. 
To construct the target, gently pull and remove the attached stand, then use a utility knife to remove the mouth section. Prop the target against something heavy for playtime. TIP: Save the stand and mouth section. Both can be re-attached for later usage.

Another way to get little fishes up and moving would be to dress up a willing Mommy or Daddy Shark in costume and have them lead the Baby Shark dance. There is a shark family outfit for everyone … including the family pet.

Baby Shark Party Favors

Send guests swimming back to shore with a treasure trove of splashingly fun goodies. Pack Baby Shark Favor Boxes with items such as Baby Shark Plastic Party Cups, Inflatable Fishes, Baby Shark Blowers and “Shark Repellent” Bubbles TIP: use a Baby Shark Personalized Lip Balm Label as the tag. Once everything is stowed away, tie a “Thanks for swimming by my party” tag (made from a Baby Shark Personalized 2” Stickers) to the box with decorative twine.

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