Arts and Crafts Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Every child is an artist so let’s create some masterpieces with an Art Birthday Party! Arts and Crafts birthday parties are an enriching way to keep your party guests busy while they have fun! There’s no limit on creativity for an Arts and Crafts Party. From clever food ideas that kids will love to fun art projects that kids can take home as favors – this theme has something for all ages.

Cheryl from Moms & Munchkins styled, wrote and photographed this colorfully crafty Art Party. Stop by her blog to get more ideas that'll keep kids creating!

Arts and Crafts Party Planning & Invitations

Before we get into all the fun arts & crafts, let’s invite all those starving artists to the party! You can start with a personalized invitation like this paint splatter invitation or this crafts party invite or you could use your DIY skills to make your own invites. Some clever wording for a DIY invitation include:

  • Dress for a mess
  • Every child is an artist!
  • Palette up for a Painting Party!
  • Red, green, yellow and blue – come to my art party and create something new!

Save some cash by using a free Art Party Invitation printable. You just have to print them and write in the party information. Now you can spend more money on food, decorations or presents for the Artist in Residence a.k.a. the guest of honor!

Arts and Crafts Party Decorating

For the backdrop, I used this Art Party Table Cover over a large foam poster board. You could decorate this backdrop for the party, have your kids help decorate it, or put it on the floor at the party and let the party kids decorate it. The party table cover could be as simple as brown packing paper decorated by your children. There are so many ways that your kids can help decorate for this party theme. The clear paint cans can be used both as decoration (fill these with colorful pom poms for the main table) and as party favor containers. Candlesticks, small cupcake stands, wooden boxes and paint palettes can be used to help display the party food for your guests. This Chalkboard Runner (with an adhesive backing) could be used on your main party table to label the foods or on the eating area table so kids can color on it after eating. Here are some other items to help set the scene for your Art Party:

Arts and Crafts Party Food Ideas

Fuel those starving artists with these creative snacks and treats:
  • Canvas Pizza (square pizza slices)
  • paint palettes topped with colourful fruits and vegetables like grapes, strawberries, pineapple, carrots, bell peppers, snap peas with cheese slices and crackers
  • Paint Chips (potato chips)
  • Paint Brushes (Rice Krispie squares on a stick and dipped in different colors of melted chocolates)
  • rainbow parfaits
  • cake pops
For a fun edible craft, each guest could be given a plain vanilla frosted cupcake on a small plastic paint palette with a variety of sprinkles, candy-coated chocolates and jelly beans to decorate their own dessert. If the decorated cupcakes will be going home with the guests as part of the party favors, you can send them home in these Rainbow Party Cupcake Boxes. Some creative ideas for decorating your eating area include:

Arts and Crafts Party Games and Activities

When it comes to planning activities for an Art Party, the possibilities are truly endless. You could plan some messier activities like squirt gun painting outside or quieter coloring activities indoors. No matter the age of your guests, planning activities for this birthday theme is a piece of cake! From your local dollar store, you can find some inexpensive small canvases and easels for guests to paint their own masterpiece. You can turn this into an edible craft by replacing the canvases with square sugar cookies topped with white royal icing. Guests can then use food-safe markers or food-safe paintbrushes dipped in food coloring to decorate their own cookie masterpieces. Your local craft or dollar store will have a variety of wooden frames, boxes, even photo props that your guests could paint and decorate. For this activity, set out some paints, glitter, stickers and markers. With this notebook activity kit, guests can create their own personal journal and then take it home as part of their party favor. For a messy outdoor activity, guests could do some handprint and foot art by dipping toes and fingers into kid-friendly paints and decorating canvases or large poster paper. For any messy crafts, kids could wear these aprons to protect their clothing. You may still want to tell parents to dress their kids in clothes that they can get dirty. No one wants paint on a favorite party dress! Be sure to have lots of hand wipes, soap, water and paper towels on hand for the messy crafts. Some other fun art party activities include:

Arts and Crafts Party Favors

The great part about having an Arts and Crafts birthday party is that the projects your guests make can serve as party favors! In case you want to send your guests home with something extra, here are some more favor ideas for an Art Party including crayons, coloring books, stickers, paint by numbers books, sidewalk chalk, a small craft kit, and more. Keep the guests creative juices flowing even after they go home: You can seal the favor bags with these personalized Art Party stickers.

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