Army Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

If you’ve been enlisted to operate Mission: Army Party, keep scrolling for a division’s worth of battle-ready ideas.

Gather the troops for a celebration in the style of the real life heroes that are serving the country. The men and women enlisted in the Army dedicate their lives to something greater than self and that kind of sacrifice makes it easy for kids to admire. Taking inspiration from every day life as an enlisted soldier these party ideas will help kids imagine what it might be like on base surrounded by all the friends you would want to have in your platoon. Camouflage party supplies help the party decorations stay on theme. From the invitations to the party favors we've got your six.

Draft Notice- Army Party Invitations

Call guest soldiers to duty with these Camouflage Personalized Invitations. Address envelopes to match the theme by using a stencil font and military titles.

In-Processing Center- Army Party Decorations

Welcome new recruits at an In-Processing Station. Decorate it with authentic military pieces such as boots, manuals, ammo boxes and a large Uncle Sam recruitment poster. (TIP: To mount the poster quickly and cheaply, simply binder clip it to foam core board.)

Upon their arrival, issue soldiers their TA-50 (gear). Include Army Party Dog Tags, Army Helmets and PT (physical training) uniforms. Make sure everyone knows the day’s training schedule (op orders) by posting it front and center. (TIP: We made our PT t-shirts with iron-on vinyl.)

Mess Hall- Army Party Table Setting

Tents are an essential piece of military equipment. Construct your own by stretching camo netting over a PVC pipe frame and using zip-ties to secure it down. Take the camo to the table top with a table runner sewn from Camouflage Bandanas. (TIP: For a no-sew option, use iron-on hem tape to adhere the bandanas together.) Additional military nods include:

  • Wood slat “Mess Hall” sign
  • Wood crates and galvanized tin serving pieces
  • Ammo boxes

Set each soldier’s place with stacked Army Party Cake and Dinner Plates complimented by matching Army Party Cups. Wrap Army Party Napkins and Black Utensils with kraft paper name bands then call everything to attention by placing it all atop a black cardstock placemat. The solid placemat helps to distinguish the place settings from the camouflage poncho liner we used as a table cover. Aviator Glasses and “Smoke Grenade” Camouflage Personalized Bubbles add that final thematic touch.

CHOW- Army Party Food

To keep an army marching, they must be fed. Start with the quintessential soldier’s ration, an MRE (Meal Ready-to-Eat). You can order these on-line but keep in mind that they can be pricey. Our party’s version is a less expensive alternative to the real thing … we packed “Sloppy GI Joes & Chips” in kraft take-out boxes embellished with Camouflage Personalized Rectangular Stickers.

  • A metal mess tray is a perfect tongue-in-cheek serving piece for veggies and dip.
  • “Camo Cupcakes” sit atop a cardboard tank constructed of mailing boxes, a cardboard tube, reinforced gummed tape and black craft paint.
  • “Donut Dollies” play homage to the Red Cross Women of WW2 who served hundreds of thousands of donuts to the front-line troops.

Keep the punny food references going with confections such as Tootsie “Bed Rolls”, Pop Rock “Explosive Devices” and TA-50 salt water taffy.

Basic Training -Army Party Activities

The troops must be trained in all kinds of fun and games.

  • Vehicle Identification. It’s imperative that soldiers know their vehicles. Start by having each guest pose with a Jeep Stand-In modeling their newly issued TA-50. Print the photos while everyone is having chow and slip them into each guest’s favor bag.

Out-Processing - Army Party Favors

Gift soldiers their very own “Survival Kit” to help them meet any future warfare challenges. Adorn plain kraft bags with Camouflage Personalized Stickers and Camouflage Bandanas. Fill bags with military equipment such as Black Binoculars, Mini-Green Canteens, Camouflage Pencils, Camouflage Personalized Candy Tubes filled with Black Gumball “Ammo”, Compasses, toy tanks and plastic army men.

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