Animal Sounds Contest

Animal Sounds Contest

How to Play:

How silly can a game get? This game is just as it sounds!

At the party, have the children take turns making their best animal noises while standing in front of the group. The other children have to guess the animals being mimicked.

If desired, you can give a small prize to the first child to guess each animal correctly. Or, if the children are older, set up a panel of judges to award prizes in the following categories:

  • Best Animal Noise
  • Longest Animal Noise
  • Shortest Animal Noise
  • Loudest Animal Noise
  • Quietest Animal Noise
  • Most Obnoxious Animal Noise
  • Silliest Animal Noise
  • "Least Like an Animal" Noise
Continue creating categories until everyone wins and has a good laugh in the process!

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