Angry Birds Party Games

Picture of an Angry Birds Ball.

You've played Angry Birds games on your phone, but you've never played Angry Birds party games like this! Get some hands-on Angry Birds action with these fun angry Birds party games!

Angry Birds Bowling Game

You Will Need:

  • Bowling Game or 10 painted 2 liter soda bottles
  • Angry Birds balls or colored balls
  • Construction paper, scissors, and tape
  • Googly eyes

Before the Party:
  • Cut out eyes and other facial features from construction paper. Tape pig faces to the bowling pins and Angry Birds faces to the balls. You can even tape fake mustaches to a few of the bowling pins.
  • If you choose to use soda bottles rather than a pre-packaged bowling set, wash and dry 10 plastic 2-liter soda bottles. Paint them with green acrylic paint and add pig faces in paint or tape them on with construction paper.

How to Play:
  1. Set up the bowling pins or soda bottles in a traditional 10-pin triangle shape.
  2. Have guests take turns bowling over the pig pins with the Angry Birds balls.
  3. Keep score for 10 frames and see which guest is the angry Birds champion! Optionally, you can award the winner a small prize, or you can give all of your guests a prize for participating.

Angry Birds Can Toss Game

You Will Need:
  • A Can Toss Game or clean empty aluminum cans with no sharp corners
  • (Green and white) Construction paper, tape and markers

Before the Party:

Tape a green strip of construction paper around each can so it is completely covered and decorate it to look like an Angry Birds pig.

How to Play:

Consider setting up your game outside to reduce the chance of inside messes.
  1. Set up the cans in a pyramid shape, using at least 3 cans as a base.
  2. Have your guests take turns throwing balls underhand at the can pyramid to knock down as many cans as possible.
  3. Play a few rounds and keep score of who knocks down the most cans. Optionally, you can award the winner a small prize, or you can award a prize to all the guests who participated.

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