Queen of Hearts Says

Queen of Hearts Says

This game is played just like "Simon Says," but in our version it's the Queen of Hearts who gives the commands.

Basic Rules:

  • Choose a leader to be the Queen of Hearts for the first round. You may want to let the birthday child go first.
  • Have the leader call out a series of commands; some should start with "the Queen says..." and some shouldn't.
  • Children who fail to complete a task in which the Queen did say "the Queen says" first and children who complete a task when the Queen didn't say "the Queen says" are out for the rest of the round.
  • The winner is the last person who follows all of the Queen's directions correctly, and this child becomes the Queen for the next round.
  • If all of the remaining players get "out" at the same time, they should all stay "in" until only one player remains and is named the winner.

Detailed Explanation:

Choose a child to be the leader for the first round; or, if your guests are younger, have an adult be the leader throughout the game. The leader will be "Queen of Hearts," and the other players must do whatever the Queen says.

To start the game, the leader should call out a series of commands, such as "the Queen says...touch your nose!" or "the Queen says...hop on one foot!" The children must complete every task in which the leader says "the Queen says..." first. Randomly, the leader should call out a task without first saying "the Queen says," and all children who complete that task by mistake will be out for the rest of the round.

Here is a sample dialogue of what the leader could say, along with how the children should react:
" the Queen says...tap your head!" - The children should do as directed.
" the Queen says... touch your left foot with your right hand!" - The children should do as directed.
"Hop up and down!" - The children should do nothing.
" the Queen says... hop up and down!"- The children should hop up and down.
Children are out when they:
  1. complete a task that the leader gave without first saying " the Queen says," or,
  2. don't complete a task when the leader did say " the Queen says" first.
Play until there is only one player left; that player is the winner and the leader for the next round!

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