Alice in Wonderland Costume Guide

Alice in Wonderland Costume Guide

You can find simple everyday items that will transform you into the perfect Alice in Wonderland character, or you can "go mad" and create a fancy masquerade look to your Alice in Wonderland costume by adding jewelry, masks, ball gowns, and props. Here are some suggestions

Alice: Wear a pretty light blue party dress (for a vintage look, check thrift stores), blonde wig, and matching light blue head band.

Mad Hatter: Finding the right top hat is key for this costume. If you can't find the hat used in the Tim Burton movie, use any top hat, wrap a large ribbon around it and tie it in a bow. Then place a large piece of paper in under the ribbon that reads "In this style 10/6." For clothes, wear mismatched gloves, a checkered or purple top coat, polka dot bow tie, and checkered pants. Have fun with face make up to create your own spin of this popular character. Carry a tea cup and pocket watch for the finishing touches.

White Rabbit: In addition to white rabbit ears, a rabbit nose, and a cotton tail, you can wear white gloves, a pocket watch, a checkered top coat, and rabbit slippers. Add an umbrella and handkerchief for the finishing touches, then draw whiskers on your face.

Cheshire Cat: Add some glow paint and glitter to a traditional orange and brown cat costume and you've got yourself a Cheshire Cat! Paint a big grin on your face and some stripes to add to the look.

Red Queen: Try to find or make a red and white ball gown (check thrift stores) and then sew large red hearts on the gown. Paint your face white, where red lipstick and draw red hearts on your cheeks. For the finishing touches, wear a red wig and tiara, carry a scepter and a flamingo stuffed animal. Get creative and see if you can make any jewelry using a deck of cards!

White Queen: Wear a white and silver ball gown (check thrift stores)and a white long-haired wig. Carry a silver scepter and wear a silver tiara. Since the White Queen was from a chessboard, make earrings from small plastic queen chess pieces.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum: Wear extra big clothing for this costume and stuff the clothes with cotton or a pillow if needed. For the shirt, wear something stripped and for the pants, wear overalls. Top off this look with a beanie hat. For makeup draw big rosy circles on your cheeks and wear a bald cap if desired. Carry a book of poetry and find someone to dress as your twin counterpart.

White Knight: The White Knight appears in Alice Through the Looking-glass and comes from the chessboard. Use the knight chess piece as your inspiration by dressing in a knight costume and carrying an inflatable sword and shield. Spray paint the knight costume white to achieve an authentic look.

March Hare: For this costume, wear brown rabbit ears, a brown rabbit nose, and a white cotton tail. Then add a brown top coat and blue bow tie. If you have a furry rabbit costume, wet the fur and add hair gel to it to make the fur look messy. Carry a tea cup and saucer or teapot as props.

Use store-bought costumes to dress as the following talking animals from Alice in Wonderland:

  • Walrus
  • Lobster
  • Flamingo
  • Little Bill (a salamander)
  • Caterpillar
  • Dodo Bird
  • Mock Turtle

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