Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane Template

Let your guests make paper airplanes using our instructions, and have the children decorate them with crayons, stickers, and markers. Then, organize flying contests such as which paper airplane flew the highest, which flew the farthest, which made the most spins in the air, etc.

To Make Paper Airplanes:

Hand each child a copy of the Paper Airplane pattern and a piece of paper. Have them follow your instructions as you go through the steps below:

  1. Fold the paper in half lengthwise.
  2. Open the paper. Fold one corner over the middle along the dotted lines. Note that the point you are forming at the bottom is slightly off center.
  3. Fold the other corner up over the first. You will have a flap left over.
  4. Turn the paper over and fold the flap down.
  5. Fold about three inches of the nose up over the body.
  6. Refold the plane firmly along the middle line. Open the paper. Fold the left and right wings down at a point about 1" from the middle line.
  7. Turn the plane over and fold up each wing tip. Cut flaps in the center of each wing.

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