Adventure Time Party Ideas

Adventure Time Party Ideas Bookmark and Share Take your child and their friends to the land of Ooo for their next birthday celebration! We'll give you all the tools you'll need as well as a few ideas to summon your own land of creativity inspired by your kid's favorite cartoon. The magic of Finn and Jake is infectious and their joy is the perfect way to make your party special. So gather all your friends and family, the fun will never end with your Adventure Time party! Shop our Adventure Time Party Supplies Browse this guide:

Planning & Invitations

What Do I Need For the Party?

The best part about creating your own party is that you're in control of all the details! It's a blast plan the best details and accentuate a theme perfectly. After buying the party essentials such as plates, napkins, and decorations, you might want to consider these fun additions to gather party goers attention!
  • How to Adventure Time costumes.
  • Balloon Sword fights to test your fighting prowess like Finn and Jake!
  • Adventure Time episodes on DVD to bring the party together.
  • Sacks for partner races.
  • Trampoline to have your own "Marshmallow Tea Party"
  • An adventurer's obstacle course with treasure at the end!
  • Penguin Bowling; Use our bowling set, print out some Gunter pictures and put them on the pins to bowl like Ice King!
  • Toy telescopes for hide and seek!

Inviting Your Guests - Adventure Time Party Invitations

Bringing spice and flair to your party is what makes it unique yet memorable experience that your child and guests will be sure to fondly reminisce about. Finn and Jake are going to make this so fun! Create your own Adventure Time themed invitations with a little help from your kid! Here's few nifty ideas that you can use to utilize a little creative flair.
  • Print out Adventure Time themed parchment and send them with cool personalized stickers!
  • Send out candy party bags with a BMO inspired theme that's sure to grab your guests attention!
  • Print a Land of Ooo inspired map, be sure to put on pictures of your favorite Adventure Time characters to convey their theme perfectly. Mark "X" on the map to symbolize your house and put the details and location of the party. It'll show Finn and Jake's love of adventuring, and snagging exotic treasure!
  • Show a little creativity by inviting your guests with the map and putting a poem or haiku in there to play off the fun spirit of Adventure Time such as:
Adventure Time! Grab your friends
We'll see the world through a new lens, Our party will be fun and full of wonder Take an adventure with us to a land down under! Sometimes making your own invitations while planning an awesome party can be a hassle and provide unwarranted stress. The kids, the cake, plenty of stress that'll weigh on you. We have great personalized Adventure Time invitations that you can use, and customize on our site! Make sure that you take a browse to see if they fit your ideas!
Adventure Time Personalized Invitations Adventure Time Invitations and Thank You Cards Birthday in a Box Party Supplies

Decorating & Food Ideas

Adventure Time Party Decoration Ideas

You can bring the adventure to your child, but you can't help but make sure that this party is all about them!
  • Hang a personalized banner that will make your child feel special, and that the world of Adventure Time is coming to usher in their party!
  • Hide pieces of candy around the party and pretend that they're the sweet and cute denizens of Ooo!
  • If you're holding the event outside make sure that you add plenty of fun attractions like cardboard boxes to mimic the Candy Kingdom!
  • Snag the Adventure Time soundtrack so your kid and their friends can sing along to their favorite, "Fry Song"
  • Have your kid dress up like Finn or Fionna with a fun outfit!
  • Finn and Jake love spitballing some ill free-styles, have your kids make up their own raps or songs to emulate their favorite duo.
  • Have your kid and their friends have an arts and crafts themed portion and paint a cardbox to mimic BMO!
  • Bring out some play dough and have a Rainicorn inspired color bash! It'll look fun and be a great way to spread the creativity.
Adventure Time Centerpiece

Adventure Time Themed Food Ideas

You'll need plenty of food to feed the masses, but after they're done chowing down on standard party food, give them some Ooo inspired delicacies!
    • Take Red M&M's and put them in bowl and have your kids think that they're Flame gems from the Fire Kingdom!
    • Put out gummy worms and have your guests think they're eating Shelby!
    • Jake loves burritos and they're great for parties because you can have your guests make their own! Have a burrito station at your party so they can make everything burritos like Jake would!
    • Make your own candy kingdom residents with a fun do-it-yourself candy kit!
    • Have a fun time coloring and creating fun Adventure Time art when you snag a few activity kits that are sure to have your guests entertained and creative!
    • Be sure that Adventure Time surrounds their every sense by setting the table with Finn and Jake themed tableware!
If you're looking for a fun and unique way to show your love for Adventure Time and their colorful cast, try this fun cake pop idea! Have some ready made donut holes and lollipop sticks, white, blue, yellow, and pink chocolate melts, and colored jellied bellies. Melt the chocolate and dip pops into said melted chocolate. Have an edible coloring pen and be ready to create fun and unique Adventure Time themed pops! Having the kids help will make a fun and tasty party activity.
Adventure Time Centerpiece

Party Favor Ideas

Adventure Time Party Favors

Every adventure has to come to an end, but you can maximize the fun times by handing out some great Adventure Time Party Favors using these fun items:
  • Give out your gifts in exciting BMO inspired favor bags with candy kingdom inspired treats inside!
  • Wrap some candy with personalized stickers that show your guests how much you appreciate them coming to the bash!
  • Have them stick on their favorite characters with our character tattoos!
  • With a sweet treat you can send them on their way with custom made lollipops!
  • You can surprise your guests with the best goodie bag ever! It's got tons of fun stuff that will have your guests remember the party long after it's done.
Adventure Time Ultimate Favor Kit Orange Candy Buffet IAdventure Time Standard Favor Kit
You can check out our All In Party Party Kits that are full of customizable items so you can highlight the party with your kid's flair!  

Party Planning Toolbox

Use the links below to quickly find related theme party supplies, planning tips, printable checklists, and advice from our party planning experts.

Games and Activities

Coloring Pages

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Scavenger Hunt Games

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Balloon Games

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Relay Races

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