Archaeologist Dig

Archaeologist Dig

Create an excavation site in your yard or garage! Your child and guests will have a great time digging through the sand to unearth the hidden ruins! Let them be like real paleontologists, and use a small paint brush to clean off their finds!

What You'll Need:

  • You will need something to excavate, like a Lincoln Log fort or a LEGO building with pieces that come apart.
  • Some 'treasure" to hide also, like a bag of foil covered chocolate coins or candy bracelets. Put the treasure in a zip-top bag to keep it clean.
  • Bags of play sand
  • Sand shovel and pail for each guest
  • Small paint brushes for the children to clean off their finds


Hide the building pieces and the bag of 'treasure" in a sandbox, a child's wading pool, or simply lay them on the ground. Then scatter the sand to completely cover all the pieces. You may even want to rope off the area with a sign that says "Archaeology Dig."

At the Party:
  1. Tell the children that ancient ruins have been discovered nearby, and their job is to dig for the rest of the missing pieces!
  2. Hand each child a sand pail and shovel and send them to the dig site.
  3. Let them use the paint brushes to clean off their finds.
  4. When the bag of 'treasure" is found, let the kids divide it up evenly.
  5. The second part of this activity is to let the children put together the building when all the pieces have been found.

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