Olivia Parachute Games

Photo of Children and Adults Playing with a Parachute

Play these fun parachute games at your Olivia the Pig party or change up the names to fit your theme and play these at any other outdoor celebration.

You Will Need:

Practice Makes Perfect: Have guests stand in a circle around the parachute, holding on to the edges. Practice making big parachute bubbles and 'waves" so you will be ready for some fun parachute games!

Pigs in a Blanket: Pull the parachute up as high as you can and then have 1 child run under the parachute into the center. Pull the edges of the parachute down to the ground to make a huge tent.

Rules of Life: Assign each player a random number. Pull the parachute as high as you can. Call a random number. The guest who has that number must run underneath the parachute to the other side of the circle before the parachute comes down.

Circus Popcorn: Throw a few on top of the parachute and move the parachute up and down to bounce the balls up in the air. If you'd like, split guests into two teams down the center of the parachute. Have each team try to bounce the balls onto the other team's side of the parachute.

Red is the Best: With your parachute flat in the air, have guests hold the edge of the parachute waist high with enough tension to keep it flat. Have guests hold the parachute with one hand and walk forward in a circle. Call out 'Red is the best!" and have all guests holding a red spot leave their place and run forward to the next red section of the parachute whole other guests continue walking in a circle. Switch out which color spot you call to give all your guests a turn.

Olivia's Opposites: Call out a command from the following opposite pairs: on & off, big & little, fast & slow. When players hear these commands they should do the following actions:

On - Players pull the parachute up and then down quickly. They then sit ON the edge of the parachute.

Off - Players pull the parachute up and down quickly, pulling the edge all the way to the floor before letting go. This should make the parachute hover OFF the ground.

Big - Players shake the parachute up and down to make BIG waves.

Little - Players shake the parachute up and down to make LITTLE waves.

Fast - Players shake the parachute up and down QUICKLY to make waves.

Slow - Players shake the parachute up and down SLOWLY to make waves.

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