How to Play Jacks

How to Play Jacks

Jack is best played with 2-4 players. However, it's easy to practice alone too!

What You'll Need:

  • 10 jacks per set of players
  • 1 small rubber ball

How to Play Jacks:
  1. Sit 2-4 players in a circle and give Player 1 ten jacks and one ball.
  2. Player 1 starts off on "onesies" which means they only have to pick up one jack at a time while the ball is in the air. To do this, bounce the ball and while it is in the air, pick up one jack, and then catch the ball with the same hand.
  3. If Player 1 successfully picks up the jack, they bounce the ball again and pick up another jack before catching the ball.
  4. This continues until either the ball is not caught in time or all ten jacks are picked up.
  5. If the ball is missed, it is now Player 2's turn to try to pick up all ten jacks one at a time.
  6. If the ball is caught all ten times then Player 1 moves on to "twosies."
  7. In twosies, the jacks must be picked up two at a time. Threesies is three at a time and so on.
  8. The first player to successfully get to tensies in one turn is the winner!

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