How to Play Marbles

How to Play Marbles

Marbles is intended for children who no longer put small things in their mouth. For safety purposes, please keep toddlers and pets away from this activity.

What You'll Need to Play Marbles:

  • A 9.5 foot long piece of string for every set of players
  • 13 marbles for every set of players
  • 1 shooter marble for every player (shooters are larger than normal sized marbles)
  • Masking tape

How to Set Up a Game of Marbles:

A game of marbles is played with 2-6 players. This means you will have to divide the children into even groups. For every group, do the following:

  1. Tape the string to the floor in the shape of a large circle.
  2. Place a long piece of tape on top of the circle. This line is used to determine who goes first.
  3. Give each player a shooter marble.

How to Play a Game of Marbles:
  1. To determine who goes first, each child stands on the opposite side of the line you marked with tape.
  2. The child who tosses their shooter marble closest to the line gets to go first. However, the shooter marble must be inside the circle and not go over the line. This may take a couple tries before one player succeeds!
  3. After the order of play is determined, set up the 13 marbles inside the circle in the shape of a plus sign.
  4. Player 1 kneels anywhere outside the circle and tries to knock the marbles out of the circle using their shooter marble. This is done by carefully flicking the shooter into another marble.
  5. If they successfully knock any marbles out of the circle they get to keep them.
  6. Player 1 gets to go again only if they knock a marble out of the circle and their shooter marble stays inside the circle.
  7. Regardless if a marble is knocked out or not, the shooter marble should remain where it landed in the circle.
  8. Player 2 now takes their turn and tries to knock marbles out of the circle.
  9. If one player knocks another player's shooter out of the circle then they get to take all the marbles the other player has won!
  10. Play continues until all of the marbles have been knocked out of the circle.
  11. The player with the most marbles wins the game.

We suggest giving all the children a bag of marbles to take home!

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