50th Birthday Party Ideas

When celebrating a 50th Birthday, one thing is certain - you've been around long enough to know how to have a good time. We want to show you the many ways you can welcome 50 and usher in the best years still to come. In the early stages of planning a big milestone event it may help to break the planning into the following categories: who, what, where, when and why.


Who should be invited to this party? Does the honoree prefer intimate gatherings, or big celebrations? The amount of guests will be influenced by the size of the venue and your budget. Remember to give your guests enough time to RSVP and make plans.


What is the theme? Are there interests, hobbies, or passions that define the guest of honor? Perhaps a concert for a music lover, a game for the sports fan, a wine tasting for the sommelier. If these ideas don't fit into the budget then they can become the theme of a party hosted at home.


Budget generally influences the venue when party planning. Hosting a party at home can help you save money if you have the space, alternatively, you might consider reserving a room at a restaurant. Parks also offer a great backdrop and are sometimes free or very inexpensive to reserve a picnic area or pavilion.


This depends on the time of year but remember it doesn't have to be the exact date. Within month is appropriate. Pro tip: Venues charge less for Friday and Sunday than they do for a Saturday. Schedule in a way that will accommodate any guests that need to travel to attend the party.


You only turn 50 once, so make sure your guest of honor leaves their 40's in style! Why are you involved and what is your role? Delegate some of the planning tasks to friends and family and ask for feedback. Rely on the people that know him or her best. Pick out a meaningful and memorable gift- help cover the cost by splitting it with others.  

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50th Birthday Theme Ideas

Pick a theme that represents the guest of honor. If you know them well enough, choosing the theme should be easy. We think highlighting a favorite food or drink is a good way to set up a focal table where people can serve themselves. For the music lover be sure to arrange a killer playlist or hire live musicians. If adventure is what keeps the honoree young at heart, rent a cabin or book a trip. Choose decorations, activities, and recipes that coordinate with the theme.  

  50th Birthday Party Themes source images: pinterest

50th Birthday Decorating Ideas

Although it is fun to display the big number with pride, there are so many other creative ways to decorate around your chosen theme. Decorating with lighting, tablescapes and old photos will set the mood...and remember, you are never too old for balloons! Details make the difference between an ordinary birthday and a milestone to remember. From Classy to hilarious, from your backyard to the ballroom, we've pinned some of the best party details.  

  50th Birthday Party Themes source images: pinterest

Cocktail and Mocktail Recipes

How about a signature drink for the party? An intoxicating blend of flavors that fit your theme as well as the celebrant's personality, served in a creative way, will really get the party going. Mocktail recipes are equally delicious and visually appealing. Whether you like sweet or strong, frozen or straight up, our drink ideas will turn any amateur bartender into an expert mixologist.  

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Photo Booth Ideas

Make some memories for your friends and family to keep. Go old school and print photos at the party or go modern and pick a unique #hashtag for Instagram pics from all the guests. The backdrop for your photo booth can be reminiscent of the eras of your youth - sixties, disco or eighties themes can be easily DIY'ed with record albums, mirror like metallic fringe or splashes of neon. Accessories make guests feel more photogenic, so don't forget the props. Just be sure to set up the booth in an area with decent lighting so smartphone cameras can still take great shots.

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