50th Birthday Brewery Party

By Emily Churchill

Created on January 9, 2018

Happy birthday to you! You are now a half a century kid! Celebrate this milestone birthday in a big way and toast with a flight of craft beer in hand and a pretzel necklace around your neck. Friends will love to cheers to your 50 years at a brewery birthday party to help celebrate your vintage life. Keep a classic color palette and play up the tap room atmosphere with appropriate snack options for your adult birthday party guests.


At half a century old, you may consider yourself one vintage dude so use this theme to invite guests to your shindig!


Red and black is a classic color palette fit for a classy guy! Start that vintage dude look with a banner stating such strung along the front of the dessert table.

When your party is staged in a warehouse or high ceiling location, consider some high floating balloons fitting your vintage dude theme to draw the eye up from tables. Create mini centerpieces using beer bottles wrapped with hemp twine and drop your balloon strings inside with the help of a basic nail.
Not only are oversized metallic number balloons great for your party setup, they also double as a great prop for photo ops!

Food & Drink

When you host your birthday party at a brewery you need the proper snacks! Expand the whole “beer and pretzels” approach with a whole snack bar full of bar snacks and sweets.

Don’t make friends decided between salty or sweet, let them have both! Put together a popcorn bar where they can choose any of the toppings you stage in tin buckets matching your color scheme. Offer different sized container options, from bigger treat boxes to smaller treat cups so guests can have a small nibble or fill their custom popcorn creation to the max!

Give guests the fudgy sweets they’re looking for with some yummy brownies. Keep it plain or get adventurous and chop up nuts or pretzel bits for some crunchiness.

Test out a salted caramel cupcake recipe for your party wrapping these mini cakes into striped wrappers to fit the party theme.

Make a statement with a pretzel statement necklace! Mix and match pretzel styles and weaving techniques to string up an assortment of edible jewelry for party guests. Hang the assortment on a homemade stand to help give more height to your table space.

How do you eat a lollipop? You suck! And sometimes you may feel that your new age does too! Don’t just throw your lollipops in a bucket and call it a day. Display some “50 sucks” lollipops on a DIY lollipop stand to fill up some table space.


A milestone birthday like a celebration of half a century should be documented in a fun way. Put together a DIY photo booth full of photo props and faux frames to capture all your personalities at your party that have known you throughout your 50 years.

Use the rustic background of the brewery atmosphere and provide photo props within reach. In lieu of chalk that might rub off from party goers, use a thin chalk paint pen to write fun beer and birthday party phrases.


When it comes to adult parties, send them home with something sweet. Add a favor tag thanking them for helping you kiss your 40s goodbye! Fill it with Hershey kisses wrapped in foil colors that fit your color scheme!

Tara from Spot of Tea Designs cracked a few cold ones to style out this 50th birthday party! This post was written, shot and styled by her. Stop by her blog to send her some Cheers!

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