21st Birthday Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on January 10, 2020

252 months. 7665 days. 11,037,600 minutes.

No matter how you slice you, you’re 21 years old! It’s time to celebrate this milestone occasion with a tasty shot or a pop of the champagne cork!  Grab your crew and get ready to strike a pose with Insta worthy poses, filters and accessories. We’ve got the deets on how to make your first (legal) drink a memorable one with all your friends by your side.  Pour decisions will be made so spend the time to make the bar a festive sight and choose snack options that pair well with a night of mixers using our party guide.

This party from Tara from Spot of Tea Designs covers all the party planning details to help you ring in this milestone celebration with all of your thirsty friends. Raise a glass to your 21 years!

21st Birthday Party Invitations

At 21 you might not even know everyone’s last name, let alone their mailing address! Create a group text thread, or maybe a Facebook event to invite your posse, or if you’re wanting to go old school, you can always mail your close-knit crew one of these metallic party invitations.

21st Birthday Party Decorations

Make a statement with a bar/dessert table decked out in a mega balloon garland! Use the balloon strip to mix and match Ombre Orbz Balloons, colorful latex balloons and pieces of silver fringe. Tip: These balloon garlands can be made up to 2 days in advance and still look beautiful!

Turn a paper mache #2 and champagne bottle confetti popper into a 21 centerpiece with a bit of aluminum foil to decorate.  Tip: use cans of your favorite canned beers or trendy hard seltzers as the stand for this fun centerpiece.  

Until you’re ready to strike a pose with your besties, put your photo props in a wrapped piece of Styrofoam to create more dimension behind your centerpiece.

You never thought choosing a simple paper cup could change your night but at this 21st birthday bash it can!  This sign featuring grey cups, navy blue cups and red cups  helps to define your relationship status so onlookers know how to engage with your friends. Are you taken, single af, or in a complicated relationship? Tip: offer paper straws for those who want to take some dainty sips without smudging their lip gloss.

These birthday table cloths, napkins and dessert plates are a colorful way to scream “Happy Birthday” even more at this celebration!

21st Birthday Party Food and Drink

Be sure to lay down a good foundation before the drinking begins with a meal like baked ziti or a pizza. Anything to provide a cushion for the beverages that will be flowing through the night.

Offer plenty of liquid courage at your bar!  Make sure the bottles are all clearly labeled and include juice or soda to make the perfect rum and coke or sex on the beach.

Ice cream cake doesn’t mix well with alcohol but Funfetti cupcakes do! Top your batch of homemade or bakery made sugary treats with mini Jello shots in plastic shot glasses so everyone can get a shot of sugar and a shot of something special!

Stick with sweets. Offer chocolate-covered fruit or small tastes of alcohol-infused treats, like drunken gummy bears.

21st Birthday Party Activities

You’ll find this as no surprise, but much the 21st birthday activities tend to do with enjoying a drink or two! No need to shotgun your beer to have a good time, consider these fun drinking games:

  • Champagne Pong Tip: you can use any type of drink!
  • Photo boothCapture the good times
  • Drunk Jenga – Write your own actions on each wood block using a Sharpie, and when the block is pulled the person has to do what the block says
  • Twister – not necessarily a drinking related game but interactive fun for later in the night!
  • Flip cup – if you have a long enough table, get ready for a rowdy round of flip cup!

21st Birthday Party Favor

Hit me with your best shot – of tequila, vodka or rum. When it comes to party favors, let your guest leave the party with a mini bottle of various booze adorned with personalized favor tags.  Pair them with these shot glasses that were made with adhesive vinyl that spells out a few playful phrases. friends can enjoy the keepsake at future party situations. Grab the SVG file and recreate them for your next bash!

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