Minnie 1st Birthday

Its always a precious occasion when your baby girl turns one, so make the occasion look fabulous with our Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday theme. Our selections of party supplies that share the Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday theme are outstanding. All the items are all designed with a picture of baby Minnie Mouse and in pink and soft orange colors. Watch as your child giggles on her very first birthday when you decorate her birthday party in this theme!

The party supplies we offer with the Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday theme are tableware, all in one kits, party favors and candles, balloon kits, decorations, personalized items, and invitations and thank you cards. The cake and dinner plates are designed with a picture of Baby Minnie Mouse donning a big cute pink bow next to a picture of a giant pink and white polka dot 1#. This same image is printed on the cups and napkins as well. The balloons in the balloon kit also share the image of Baby Minnie Mouse and the 1# , but also include a few light pink heart shaped cut out balloons. As for decorations, we have a special a Minnie Mouse piñata and table cutouts. On top of all these fun, beautifully designed items, we have much more that share this same theme.

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