Hugs & Stitches Girl 1st Birthday Party Supplies

First birthdays are one of the most special occasions of childhood. Make your own baby girl's first birthday party particularly special with our Hugs and Stitches Girl 1st Birthday themed party supplies. This line of party supplies has everything you need to celebrate your little birthday girl's special day the right way. These whimsical and charming designs will make her smile, as well as your guests!

Patterned in white and pink checkers and number ones everywhere, the tableware of Hugs and Stitches has all of the essentials for a baby girl's first birthday. Butterflies also mingle on the different napkins, plates, and cups we carry, and there is a matching table cover to keep things as tidy as possible. There are also coordinateing solid shades of pink table items to mix in with the patterned ware. Make your party planning a super easy task, though, by purchasing one of the great kits to give you all the necessary table items because you will want to be able to enjoy your baby's day along with her instead of worrying about bringing every little detail together.

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