Fun to Be One Girl Party Supplies

Create excitement for your little girl's very first birthday by taking your friends and family on a thrilling safari ride through the jungle to celebrate with a Fun To Be One Girl party theme. Include items with the theme from the beginning of your get together until the end to have some unbridled fun as you make your way through the tropical trees and bushes to see all of the adorable animals to commemorate your tot's special day.

Your friends and family won't even need the trip into the jungle to find the first batch of baby animals when you start off your celebration with some Fun To Be One Girl supplies. Invitations and address labels that are decorated with tiny beasts will give your guests all of the information that they'll need to find the starting point of the wild adventure. Once everyone arrives to the shindig, keep the hunt for adorable creatures alive by scattering them around the party venue with matching banners, balloons, tableware, and other decorative pieces.

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