Fun to Be One Boy Party Supplies

There's no better way to celebrate your little boy's special day than by going wild with some baby animal items. Your son is never going to celebrate his first birthday again, so make sure you really embrace the day with a Fun To Be One party theme. Your guests will be roaring with laughter and excitement when they come to your tot's birthday bash that includes both decorations and activities from the heart of the jungle.

Accessorizing your shindig is just half of what it takes to pull off a successful get together. Make sure your party lives up to its theme's title by including some games and activities from our Fun To Be One collection. Balloon animals, wild jungle pinatas, and paper masks that can be colored in will all bring joy to your guests, no matter what age they are. Even your one-year-old will find some enjoyment in eating some soft candy from the pinata and playing with the balloons that others create for him!

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