1st Birthday Party Supplies

A first birthday comes once in a lifetime. To celebrate this milestone year, you want to create a party theme that best exemplifies your baby's developing personality. Many parents choose to match the theme of the nursery and do a 1st birthday party with similar colors or characters. Others will center the party around baby's favorite toy or stuffed animal. Some popular choices are Mickey or Minnie, Winnie the Pooh and Sesame Street. These characters are loved by boys and girls alike. Shop party supplies for first birthdays online.

Make your little one's first birthday a first-class celebration! Our selection of 1st birthday party supplies has everything you need to create an event for your child that everyone will love! Featuring classic themes, as well as popular officially licensed properties, we have you covered no matter what makes your baby smile! Fill the room with Mickey Mouse and all of your Disney favorites or party alongside Elmo and the Bubble Guppies for a first birthday party no one will forget!

Get the party started when you send out bright and vibrant invitations presenting the theme and announcing the day! And while all your guests excitedly mark their calendar and await the party, you can begin decorating a party space that is immersive, impressive and full of personality using our huge selection of themed decorations! Make the decorations jump off the wall when you place balloon bouquets around the room and add a pinata for even more fun and excitement!

Present your guests with a creative confection that looks professionally decorated when you use our themed cake supplies, such as cake toppers and candles! Your cake will be the talk of the party with graphic designs so detailed and fun people will wonder how you did it! And when your refreshment table is coordinated and fully matching the rest of the room, your celebration has a polished feel that everyone will appreciate!

Give your baby a one-of-a-kind party when the decorations, favors and more are personalized special for the day! Set the tone before the party even starts when your invitations are professionally printed with the guests' names! And take your decorations to a whole new level when there's a banner hanging over the party with your little one's name in bright and bold letters! Now that's the perfect party your baby will love!

What are First Birthday Parties?

Naturally, you want your little one’s first birthday party to be an incredible event no one will ever forget. There is no better venue to showcase how much they mean to you than a completely coordinated and fully thought-out party. This is, after all, going to set the precedent for all their birthdays to follow, so you want to make the absolute most of it. Start with a theme incorporating all the things that make your child smile and tie it all together with a color scheme that is comforting and soft. First birthday parties typically have other kids with their mommies, so make sure you offer goodie bags and activities that will make everyone feel involved. Fun backdrops and decorative pieces make for adorable photographs they will love to share. Host it at your home or reserve space at a restaurant, but whatever your party space, use it to build a one-of-a-kind area that is inviting and aesthetically impressive. Your baby is the most special in the world, and with a little forethought, their big day can reflect just how much they mean to you.

Girl's First Birthday

Every little princess needs a ball to attend, and her first birthday party is at the top of the list. Keep your colors in the light pink to purple range and throw-in white tableware, streamers and other 1st birthday party supplies to give your color scheme some highlights and more definition. Little tiaras, crowns and other royal adornments are perfect to help you build a fun-filled party with an adorable touch of sophistication. Pepper a few balloon bouquets throughout the space to make your decorations pop off the wall. What it boils down to is taking everything that makes her smile and creating and experience that allows her to share this with everyone who loves her the most. Keep this in mind and you can't go wrong.

Boy's First Birthday

Energy, action and excitement are words you need to keep in mind when planning your little boy's first birthday party! Loud colors, fun party favors and a load of activities featuring their favorite movies and TV shows is a great way to start! Choose a theme that is pleasing to parents and kids alike. Think of properties you liked when you were a kid which have recently received reboots or live-action remakes. This well generate a sense of nostalgia in the parents that will draw them into the celebration without feeling like a spectator. As long as their first birthday party shows off the fun-loving spirit you adore, you are on the right track.

Popular First Birthday Ideas

Their first birthday party has to be huge, so it is important you go beyond the duties of everyday party planning and think outside the box to create a birthday experience like no other. Whether your baby loves Disney's Cars or they would rather spend a day with barnyard animals, we have everything you will need for your little one’s big day to be full of fun memories and enough excitement to keep people smiling from start to finish. For a Cars themed party, you can give all the guests their own Hot Wheels and host a tournament of races. The winner gets a trophy filled with candy! And Disney's Princess fans will love having a loop of their favorite scenes and songs playing as the soundtrack to the day. A small impromptu talent show can really elevate the enjoyment and involvement in your party while staying true to a circus theme your baby will absolutely adore. Check out all of our other ideas to turn your baby's first birthday into a day no one will ever forget when you click here. Make sure your guests have an experience that reflects your excitement and pride.

Popular Characters

There are a few characters beloved by children worldwide, who would absolutely love to share in your kid's celebration. When you have Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Peppa Pig or the courageous canine heroes of Paw Patrol, you have a party theme with instantly recognizable mascots that will be noticed from all the way across the room! You will love watching all the guests enter into a world alongside some of their favorite cartoon characters. Add a few pops of color when you spread themed balloon bouquets around the floor. Party favors now become even more seemingly legitimate toys when they feature the very same animated favorites, they play with it home. Let the educational fun of Elmo and his friends fill your celebration with a sense of learning and wonder. When they are surrounded by the characters they love, the room will be brightened by adorable smiles. With everything from invitations and thank-you cards to pinatas and cake toppers, our officially licensed party themes will make sure your party space is matching from top to bottom and enjoyable from start to finish.

Popular Themes

First birthday parties can be tricky in terms of theme, because your child may not have any deep connections cars, movies or anything else yet that instantly lends itself to a stylized party. There are, however, a few themes that are relatively universal and a terrific way to get your party planning rolling. Licensed properties such as Star Wars or The Avengers are always exciting backdrops for a first birthday celebration. Likewise, Disney Princesses are a consistent favorite among both children and parents. There is a good chance they will love these themes in a year or two, so committing to these properties is not so much a gamble as it is an inevitability. More general themes include sports, emojis and barnyard animals, among others, which produce appeal any far-reaching party-goer will be able to appreciate. Whatever your theme, coordinate your 1st birthday party supplies with a color scheme that is eye-catching and energetic. Go with primary or pastel colors to give the space a fun-filled tone. When you have a time-tested theme that is fully developed, your baby’s first birthday party will truly be one for the ages!

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