Entertaining & Tableware Paper & Plastic Plates

If you are throwing a party, picnic, or barbecue, one of the most important party supplies you'll need are plates for the guests to eat off of. Solid color plates are perfect because they can be chosen to match any party or event theme, or even no theme at all. Paper plates come in several round sizes as well as square, and round plastic plates are available in several sizes.

No matter what kind of party you’re hosting this year, you’re certainly going to want to check out our paper and plastic plates to help you set up for the occasion. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, a summer barbeque, a graduation bash, or just a fun picnic with your family, you can’t go wrong with any of our special set of plates.

With all kinds of colors and designs, we have more than enough options to choose from to make sure your table settings are fun and festive for everyone to eat from this year. Having a gender reveal party? Then you can’t go wrong with our blue or pink polka-dot plates!

Throwing an engagement party or a bachelorette party? Then of course you have to look through our silver and gold chevron designs. With so many options to choose from, you’ll be ready to throw your best party yet this year, no matter the occasion!

Coming in packs of eight, twenty, twenty-four, and more, you’ll be able to choose your favorite plates in the exact quantity you need to set up for the big day. Whether you have tons of friends and family coming over, or are just hosting a small and intimate gathering with your close ones, you’ll be more than ready with our fun packs of plates.

From stripes to polka dots to chevron to prismatic designs, as well as our standard solid color plates, your options are limitless! Either pick one set or choose a bunch of different plates to add some personality and style to the party this year. You’re guaranteed to have a blast.

Your guests are going to have the time of their lives this year when you host your party using one of our excellent plate designs. Pick up yours today, and go make the special occasion a night you’ll never forget!

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