Santa Letters

When your child writes to Santa Claus, make sure you give them an answer from him with these great personalized letters to keep their imagination alive! The letters come in six different templates, which each feature images of Santa, reindeer, elves, or the classic nativity scene. No matter which layout you choose for your son or daughter, you can personalize it with their own name in the greeting as well as the address label.

One of our Santa Letter packages will give your little one so many other goodies besides just the letter! Your child is going to be sure that they're Santa's favorite when they receive a postcard from him in June as well as a certificate for being on the nice list and a fun coloring book. The autographed photo from Santa will be an item that your child will cherish for years. Your tot is going to believe in Santa until they're sixteen years old thanks to all of the great items in this set!

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