Candy & Lollipops

Candy & Lollipops Ideas and Inspirations

Party candy is what sets apart an average party from a spectacular one! Especially when your celebration is geared toward the little folks, fill up the room with as many sweet treats as possible! Our candy & lollipops selection is the perfect starting point to get an idea of the heaps of goodies available! Every child has a place in his or her heart for the classic ring pop, a royal treat! Large swirl lollipops keep the kids occupied for hours, as they stare into the mesmerizing swirls!

If you plan to up the festivities with a pinata, our sensational pinata candy & filler will give you plenty of treats to break into! Our candy buffet hits the sweet spot with kids of all ages! Choose from a rainbow of colors, from white candy to blue candy, red candy and even black candy! Each hue offers a brilliant choice of mini unicorn pops, delicious rock candy and swirl lollipops, among other delectable treats!

Where do you hold the oodles of goodies? Our wide selection of candy containers and accessories is almost guaranteed to give you a sweet spot to serve the goods. Kids can drop their itty-bitty fists into our small or medium sized trifle plastic containers to pull out huge handfuls of gumballs! Alternatively, the party host can scoop out candy with our handy candy scoop! Go the classic route and store the candy in our clear plastic candy jar container with a lid. The kids will feel like they’ve just entered an old-time candy store! Our four-inch glass hexagon jar offers a unique geometrical shape all kids love to dive into, especially when retrieving goodies!

No matter what your container preferences happen to be, you will be sweetly surprised with any of our party candies and containers! The kids won’t fuss. Their delight is a promise!

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