Novelty Candy

Offer your guests a delicious treat that features plenty of character that is sure to leave everyone with a smile on their face. Dip into our Novelty Party Candy catalogue and find the perfect delectable candy that will definitely satisfy even the most vicious sweet tooth.

You’ll hardly be able to resist taking a little bite when you see these colorful and tempting treats. This novelty candy adds a little visual spice to these classics making for a cute new spin that will really help liven up the party.

Many of these products are officially licensed tie-in items making them a natural fit for themed celebrations centered around some of today’s most popular pop-culture heroes and icons.

Go for the gold and show off your gaming skills by picking up some of our Super Mario and Nintendo themed products. These products feature memorable sights for gamers both old and young, such as the Starman, blocks with question marks, candy mushroom and even Pez dispensers with Mario and the rest of the gang proudly on display. For a concentrated blast of nostalgic hardware, the Nintendo controller shaped tin will definitely leave you feeling the mint-themed power this year.

Our collection of candy bowl holders is just another one of the cool options you have to help you get ready for the party while still boosting your décor with an extra bit of visual oomph. Get Darth Vader to actually do some good for a change thanks to a holder that sees this outer space baddie using his powerful Force abilities to levitate the candy bowl for everyone’s convenience. With everything ranging from a T-Rex, to Marvel’s mighty Thor, we know you’ll have fun picking the one that’s right for you. Pick up one for Halloween as well! Be sure you also take a look at our jelly bean bags as well. Each of these features a cool licensed theme running the gamut from Disney princesses to Batman.

Coming in a variety of sizes, you get to choose what fits your party the best.

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