Collectible Figures

Make this birthday extra-special with an exciting new gift that features their favorite pop culture figures. Give them something that’s straight from the heart thanks to a series of adorable looking toys that will really show how clued in to their interests you are. Don’t miss an exciting opportunity to add to your child’s growing collection with one or several of our adorable Collectible Funko Pop Figures.

These trendy new figurines have taken the world by storm thanks to their distinctive look and style. Inspired by the Japanese art style known as Chibi, this form of caricature is all about lending its subjects a cute appearance through shorter more cartoon-like proportions and features. Great for all ages, they make an excellent choice of gift for children as well as a fun knick-knack that adults can place on tables, shelves and other surfaces.

Our Collectible Funko Pop catalogue offers a diverse and varied selection designed to provide you with plenty of choices when it comes to choosing just the right new addition to your child’s figure collection. Superhero fans won’t want to miss out on the chance to show off their new Batman Funkos alongside Black Panther, and the Incredibles for a crossover of the ages. Even villains get to join in on the fun with infamous figures featuring baddies like the Joker or Harley Quinn.

We’ve also got Funko Pop Figures for birthday girls looking to celebrate the day alongside their favorite Disney princesses. They’ll love partying it up with the redheaded Ariel from the Little Mermaid, attending the ball in the company of Cinderella, or setting out on a grand adventure with Moana. Even the horror genre is represented thanks to the presence of infamous monsters and slasher-themed Funko Pops such as the Alien from the Aliens series, or Chucky the killer doll.

Whether you’re in need of an express delivery from Hogwarts, or looking to set-up an action-packed scene straight out of Fortnite, we’ve got you covered.

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