Super Mario Bros Favors and Gifts

A kid’s party is incomplete without a pinata to smash into. When your kid chooses to throw a Super Mario Brothers party, our pinatas will add plenty of sweet fun! We offer pull-string pinatas to Mario Bros Pinata Kits! When the kids take a swing, our Pinata Fillers will fall right into their outstretched hands! The kids will want to take home the handfuls of goodies in our Super Mario Brothers Plastic Loot Bags. Our unique favors include Super Mario Favors Tattoo Sheets and Super Mario Pencil Favors. Make the memories last for more than an afternoon when you hand out our Cart Brothers Personalized Lip Balm. The kids will keep our lovely blue Super Mario Bros. Water Bottle for many seasons! From specially designed notepads to puzzle cubes to yo-yos, Super Mario trinkets like these make the special day even more memorable and fun for the young video game fans!

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