Back to School

Going back to school already? The summer never feels long enough, but that’s okay! This year, your child will be more than prepared for the new year of school when you check out all of our fun back to school items. 

What’s the most important thing a student needs when heading back to school? A cool new backpack of course! When your child chooses from one of our awesome backpacks, they’ll instantly look and feel like the coolest guy or gal in school. From rainbow fractal prints to black and gray checkered prints to full-on denim print backpacks, we have all kinds of amazing options to make your kid feel like a star.

But don’t stop there. Whatever backpack you choose, be sure to pick up the matching lunch tote as well. What’s cooler than being coordinated and showing off your sense of style? With these fun lunch totes, your child will be looking forward to heading to the cafeteria with friends each and every day.

If your child is getting a new locker this year, then you want to make sure he or she is prepared. Don’t be bland and boring this year – having a locker is like getting your own new room, and that means you have to decorate to make it feel like yours! Choose from any number of our fun locker decal patches to really set your child’s locker apart from the rest.

With all of our amazing back to school items, your child won’t just be waiting for school to start… they’ll be looking forward to it! A new backpack, a new lunch tote, and a fun new locker to decorate and design – what’s better than that? Pick up your child’s new back to school items today, and go make this school year a real A+ year!

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