Baby Shower Favors and Gifts

No baby shower is complete without favors to send all the mom-to-be’s friends home with to cherish for the new baby’s whole life! When the baby is taking their first steps and saying their first words, you’ll know the party favors in this article are out there in your friends’ homes reminding them of the joyous beginning of this new life. And after all, when everyone your beloved mom-to-be loves comes over to let her know how much they’re looking forward to her new baby, what better way is there to thank them for the gifts than with some gifts of their own? Favors can also make the shower itself more fun, since they can be used in games as prizes or as extra flavor to enhance the theme of your party. Whether the baby is a boy or a girl, a themed shower or a more general celebration, or even if you’re looking for personalized gifts, you can find anything you need in our baby shower favors section. Check out this definitive list of baby shower favors that you might not know you need for the little one’s big day! Then let us be part of this exciting time in your favorite person’s life—and in her baby’s life!

Baby Shower Favor Ideas

When your mom-to-be is excited and anxious about the prospect of this huge milestone in her life, there’s nothing to make her feel like the future is bright like a baby shower full of everyone she loves! A baby shower’s party favors can help you let all her friends know that the support and love they’re giving her in this critical time is more than appreciated. She’s going to be all the more pleased with her baby shower when she sees that she’s giving all her friends gifts to make them feel just as loved as she feels! Whatever the theme of your party, you can find a set of favors that you can give to your mom-to-be’s friends and family to remind them of her gratitude and love. You can find baby shower favors in this section that will help you set your mom-to-be’s loved ones up with girl themed favors, boy themed favors, and all kinds of patterns and prints that will look great in their homes. Everyone will want to keep these favors around for a long time, since they’re going to want to remember the baby shower you threw for your favorite mom until long after the baby goes to college.

It's a Girl Baby Shower Favors

If theres a little girl on the way, you can get everyone excited to bring her dolls and picture books on her birthday next year when you invest in some girl themed baby shower favors! These pink baby shower favors are going to make everyone almost as excited for your mom-to-bes daughter as she is. The extended family who will make this little girl feel loved for her whole life will all be impressed when they see how youve put together a set of party favors for them that celebrates her in a feminine way. We have stickers, refrigerator magnets, and even salt and pepper shakers that will give your little girl a raucous welcome into her new life. When shes growing up and sees the party favors you got her mom-to-be for her baby shower, shes going to be glad she had someone like you in her life to take care of everything when mom had so much on her mind. Not to mention how happy the mom-to-be will feel when she sees these cute favors celebrating her baby girl!

It's a Boy Baby Shower Favors

You can also welcome a new little boy into your family when you stock up on these boy baby shower favors! These favors come in the classic blue colors that will let everyone know to expect tree houses, soccer games, and more than a little roughhousing as the new baby grows older. He might not want to sit still for long enough to look at the photo albums showing his loved ones playing with these party favors, but if you can get him to take a look hell be touched at how much effort you put into making his mom feel appreciated during her pregnancy. When you bring out these candy kits, coasters, and candles in blue, you can make your gender reveal even more exciting. Or, if everyone already knows about your mom-to-bes new son, you can make everyone anticipate his birth even more with these fun themed baby shower favors. Youll especially get your mom-to-be looking forward to going to his baseball games when you get her these favors to drum up her excitement with these adorable blue knick-knacks and sweets!

Baby Shower Containers

Not only do we have the favors themselves on this page, we also have containers that you can use to package up everyones gifts to take home! Just leave everyones favor box or bag on a table for them to pick up as they leave, and you can make handing out favors easy at your baby shower. You can also hand out these bags during the post-cake portion of the baby shower so everyone can open their gifts together. The mom-to-be will have an even more magical day when she gets to open her baby shower gifts right along with her loved ones! These baby shower favor containers give you all kinds of cute designs to choose from, such as baby bottles, popcorn boxes, and classic buckets! The baby bottles will remind everyone of the sweet baby theyre going to get to hold very soon, while the popcorn boxes are a fun joke with just a bit of raunch! The buckets come in pastel colors that work with any babys shower, and they have ribbons on them that will be just as adorable as the baby!

Personalized Baby Shower Favors

You can even make your baby shower even more special when you invest in our personalized baby shower favors! Your mom-to-be can hand out favors to each guest with their own names on all the toys and candies, so youre sure to be known as the best shower planner in the neighborhood when you choose these! Imagine the delight on your guests faces when you give them their favors with this fun extra touch added to it. Everyone will feel more special when they see that you put in the extra effort to wow them with these personalized baby shower favors. You can browse through all of our personalization items here.

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