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On our site, rough and tumble boys of all ages will find hundreds of favorite toys that will be high on their wish list for an upcoming birthday or holiday. Toys for boys are durable. They are made to be played with. For as long as there have been toys, young boys have been using them for hours of play, doing everything from sports to playing with action figures to role playing as cops, construction men and army guys. Whether they play indoors or outdoors, these tough toys stand up to the kind of handling that only boys can do.

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Our games and toys are meant for boys that are active and want an interactive toy. There are no video games here. Our Lego toys for example not only require dexterity and construction but once they are made they turn into robots, cars and flying machines that need a boys energy and imagination to come to life. Toys like this make a rainy day indoors hours of fun and turn a sunny day into an all day outdoor adventure. Aside from playing with objects, boys love characters. Action figures and superheroes are their favorites. Your son will love all the characters we have from comic books, TV and movies. Among them are the Avengers - Iron Man, Thor and Hulk. Star Wars figures are also in the assortment with Darth Vader being the most popular.

Some boys like to take playing pretend to another level and use their toys to create jobs. Their little trucks turn into a construction site, especially when they have a hat and play tools to go with it. A scenario like this is perfect for the backyard, the beach and even his bed room. Your son may also enjoy dressing up as a vet who tends to his stuffed animals or a fireman who rescues his little sisters dolls from the Barbie Dreamhouse.

For kids that like playing inside to those who would rather spend the day digging in the dirt, we've got the toys that these boys will love. You can bet that we'll have what they want at a great price too.