Silver Santa Packages

Your town may put up a special mailbox just so that children can hand deliver their letters to Santa Claus, which is a nice and thoughtful way to keep the magic of the season strong, but these letters tend to go unanswered. The Silver Santa Packages page is your solution to that problem. Here you'll find a variety of orders that include a letter and coloring book. Imagine your child's surprise on Christmas morning when he or she discovers the letter addressed to him or her from Santa.

Choose from six different designs, each one made for your specific household needs. If the religious significance of Christmas is important to your celebration, then our religious packages, such as the nativity scene letter, will be a great choice. If funny and cute is more your style, the Rudolph or Christmas tree letters will be more effective. Each letter features not only a different style, but a different message, too.

When ordering, enter your child's name into the designated box on the webpage and it will be featured on the very top of the letter and in several places within the coloring book. Your son or daughter will light up knowing that he or she was personally acknowledged by Santa Claus, making this the most exciting present he or she will receive.

The Silver Santa Packages make Christmas a more special time for young children because it allows them to hold on to that belief in Santa Claus just a little bit longer.