Our birthday boy or girl's party guests will certainly exercise their sweet tooth obsessions when they find personalized lollipops in each of their favor bags. These round lollipops are multicolored, swirled in assorted fruit flavors, and absolutely delicious.
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The best feature of these lollipops is the personalized sticker they will arrive with. The sticker matches your party theme and can be personalized with a message of your choice. Simply adhere the sticker to the lollipop wrapper. We offer an enormous selection of themes to choose from, so be warned, you may end up juggling with multiple styles and have a difficult time choosing just one! Boy's themes vary from boy explorers, pirates, train parties, and knights and girl's themes vary from spa days, mermaids, fairies, and ballet. We even have several themes that are gender neutral, so you don't have to be stuck choosing one set of lollipops for either boys or girls.

These party favors will certainly make a great impression on all the party guests and will have them anticipating the next year's birthday party with lots of excitement. Your birthday boy or girl will also be pleased to know all his or her friends had such a great time, too.

Personalized party supplies are a way to transform great parties into superb ones, so be the first parent on the block to hand out personalized lollipops.