Coloring Books

Your child and his or her party guests will have smiles as bright as the colors they will fill in the pages of these fun personalized coloring books. Each one is sold individually and measures in at 8.5" x 11", which is just the right size for children of any age. These coloring books contain 16 unique pages that will entertain children for several hours.


The front covers are decorated in unique designs that will suit the style and personality of any child. The covers also feature a space to print a custom message, so you can have them commemorate your child's birthday, or make unique messages for each guest, that way they will always be able to recognize which one is theirs. Boys can choose from themes like construction trucks and spaceships and girls can choose from princesses and fairies. Additionally, there are several nice themes that can suit both boys and girls, so your birthday child and his or her friends can work together on similar coloring books.

Each child will be delighted to color in pictures straight from their imaginations. Boys will love coloring gallant knights in shining armor and girls will love coloring mermaids swimming through an enchanted ocean setting. Not only will these coloring books be great fun for the children during the birthday party, they will also make great companions for long trips and playtime at home.

Personalized coloring books will certainly be one party favor that other parents will appreciate knowing about.