If you're serving food or drinks at your party you will need napkins. Lots of napkins. Guests need them to wipe their hands and face with after they eat, and they'll be needed to clean up the little messes and spills that are bound to happen. Even though napkins are bound to get dirty and crumbled up, there's still no reason they shouldn't match the rest of your party supplies. Party napkins come in so many solid colors that you'll have no problem picking out fun ones that compliment your party theme.


Party napkins come in two sizes: beverage and luncheon. Beverage napkins are smaller and good for when you serve drinks. They can also act as coasters. Beverage napkins are also a good size for use when having snacks or dessert. Luncheon napkins are larger and perfect for meals. Most napkin sizes and colors are available in two- or three-ply. Most come in packages of twenty or fifty.

Paper napkins are good for every event, no matter how fancy. You can use black, white, or silver napkins for weddings and religious events. Light blue and light pink are great for baby showers. Get napkins in red, white, and blue for Independence, Memorial, or Veteran's Day events. Orange and yellow are good for autumn or Halloween. And any color can be chosen as a birthday theme. Match the napkins with the rest of the tableware, or use them for a splash of a complementary color. Whatever your needs, make sure you get plenty of napkins for everyone.