Pinata Accessories

Pinatas are a fun game for any birthday party, and every pinata needs to be filled with candy. Buying pinata filler individually lets you pick and choose candy that will be most appropriate for the age group plus satisfy the tastes of the children playing. Pinata filler candy tends to be small, and comes in everything from gum to gummy, sweet to sour.


Make sure the pinata filler is age appropriate. Small children can't really chew gum and might not appreciate very sour candy, so stick to gummies or ring pops. Older kids love gum and all kinds of candy. Spiders and bugs are good for boys while candy necklaces are good for girls. For a mixed party, get some of each.

Typically, a pinata game is played by having the children take turns being blindfolded and swinging at the pinata with a stick. When the pinata finally breaks all the kids dive at the candy that spills to the floor and tries to grab their fill. But if the children are too young to swing a stick around, or if you're playing indoors and don't want to risk anything else getting damaged, a pull ribbon conversion kit is a perfect alternative. This kit lets you convert any pinata into a pull ribbon style. Each child grabs a ribbon and tugs--only one of the ribbons actually opens the pinata. The kids can take turns or all pull together.

Pinata filler candy is a fun and tasty way to stuff a pinata full of treats. Get a lot of different types of candy so the kids can all find something they like.