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Hooray for the piñata! That wonderfully colorful, candy-filled container. The blend of paper mache and fringed tissue paper mixed with an assortment of party themed treats makes it the highlight of the party. It’s even more exciting than birthday cake because of the mystery of it contents. When kids of all ages enter a party and see a hanging pinata they know that they are in for a special surprise.

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Their origins are traced back to China then, over time, traveled the world before becoming popularized as a Mexican birthday tradition. The most common shape was once the donkey because it is a popular icon in Mexican culture but these days piñatas come in all shapes, colors, sizes and themes.

We can keep talking about tradition but that would be boring. Instead, we will inform you of all the fun piñata ideas. They come in all shapes and sizes. Many are shaped like the theme they represent such as Cars’ Lightning McQueen, a cupcake, a circus big top or a butterfly. Others are circular with flat sides that feature printed graphics such as our Power Rangers, peace sign and Justin Beiber piñata.

Both small and large piñatas can be filled with a variety of toys and candies. The best choices are little trinkets that match the party theme and a mix of sweets that won’t melt, especially if the piñata is hung outside.

The proper way to play the piñata party game is for each person to get three swings at piñata until it breaks open and the treats fall to the ground. For younger kids you can give them a broomstick and let them take a few swings. Older kids get a kick out of being blindfolded then spun around three times before they swing. This increases the challenge. Where safety is a concern, there are pull string pinatas. They contain a small mechanism inside the piñata with long streamers on the outside. All the kids take a streamer and simultaneously pull, tearing open the piñata from the bottom. So much fun!