New Years

Happy New Year! Don't let another year go by without a major celebration. New Year's Eve is the time to put the past behind you and embrace a new year of possibilities. Having a New Year's party is the traditional way to symbolically say goodbye to the past and start anew. It is meant to be a major celebration as seen by all of the ball-dropping extravaganzas across the world, Times Square in particular.

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There are certain items that you need for a New Year's Party so let's take a look at each area. The first one would be tableware. There is a variety of New Year's themed paper goods to help you celebrate. They range from fun to sophisticated. Sets include cups, napkins, cutlery and even the table cover. The tableware features the words "Happy New Year", naturally.

The next thing needed is the decorations. Streamers, centerpieces, and balloons are the usual decorations but there are other ways to catch someone's eye. For example, you can set up your champagne glasses in a pyramid or make a fancy punch bowl the centerpiece of your table. Candles will set a classy mood while a strobe light will tell your guests it's time to rock and roll. Don't forget that decorating should fill all of your senses so be sure to include lively music.

The third thing you need for your party is items that will encourage active participation such as hats and noisemakers. When the clock strikes 12 you want your guests ready to make some noise, throw some confetti, wave their glow sticks and enjoy the moment. For this we offer many New Year's party kits that include hats, tiaras, blowers, banners, leis and a variety of festive goodies. After midnight, when things begin to wind down, your guest will be able to bring home these items as a happy memory from a great party and a symbol of the future.

A New Year's Party is the unique combination of creating a memory and looking ahead with hope and cheer. Of any holiday throughout the year, this is certainly one that demands a joyous celebration.