Movie Parties

Kids and adults alike all have a favorite movie. Some films have become complete franchises with all kinds of merchandising. We specialize is party supplies for dozens of popular movies comprising both animation and live action. They are the official designs that are licensed by the movie studios so you are getting the exact look, style and “vibe” from your favorite movie.

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If you want to host a movie party that is not for a specific motion picture, there is also a generic movie party theme with film reels and popcorn styles tableware. You can use it for a fun movie night with friends or even an Oscar party.

You can enhance your birthday party theme with many other items that go with your movie theme such as invitations, favors, piñatas and more. Creating a complete theme involves so much more than simply getting plates and cups. Most items are sold in counts of eight so if you are having a party of 10, you'll have plenty of extras. To be safe, you should always buy extra paper goods since hungry kids love seconds.

Make your movie party extra special with one of our movie party themes! Select a theme below to view complementary decorations and other movie party supplies that will jazz up family movie night or a movie-themed birthday party.

Make it a star-studded event by rolling out the red carpet and asking guests to dress as their favorite movie stars from the movie. You can also find movie character costumes on our website. At Birthday in a Box, we take the entire party experience to the next level!