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Party Candy

Our party candy includes hard candies, gummies, chewies and gum. Lollipops fall under the grouping of hard candies. There are many types such as character lollipops and ring pops. There are also flavorful spiral round lollis that you can customize with personalized stickers. Other hard candies are sweet-tart candies in themed shapes and candy necklaces. Gummy candies are those delicious jelly textured treats that come in all shapes. They can be shaped like characters, animals and foods. Chewie candies are the timeless classics that we all grew up with like Laffy Taffy and Twizzlers. Gum is also fun because it comes in so many shapes and creative packages.

Candy and Lollipops Pinata Candy Candy Kits
Personalized Lollipops

Other essential candy assortments are made especially for your piñata. They are small treats in colorful wrappers. Kids get so excited then they see these goodies falling from an open piñata. Lastly, there are candy kits which make great game prizes. Our favorites are the candy jewelry set and the SweetTart Connect Four Game.

Get your sugar rush on and sweeten up your child's birthday party with candy in colors and shapes that match your theme. Use it to delight, entertain and thank your guests for being so sweet by coming to your party.