Glamour Makeup

Girls love to put on makeup and pretend to be movie stars or princesses. If you're throwing a girl's birthday party or sleepover then consider glamour makeup as party favors. These party supplies can even be used for activities. The girls can give each other makeovers or play dress-up.

  • Little Mermaid Compact Mirror (4 Count)

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  • Disney Tangled Hairpiece 18" (Each)

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  • Lip gloss is a favorite. Girls love to coat their lips with shiny, tasty gloss. There are all kinds of themed lip gloss that come in lockets, tubes, and even novelty containers like cupcakes, rings, and ladybugs. Nail polish is another fun makeup item. There's lots of colors and even polish with glitter. An alternative to polish is the nail art set, which includes assorted stickers to put on nails.

    Girls also like doing their hair and there are some fun accessories for that. A folding pop-up brush with mirror makes a great party favor that fits easily into a pocket or purse. Fairy hair bands are a pretty way to add decoration to any girl's hair. So are braided hair extensions, which add color and fun to any length hair.

    Other fun glamour makeup includes body glitter, which can be used to make sparkles on the face or hands. There are also colorful, sparkly nail files and beautiful plastic flower headbands. Give the girls glamour makeup and hair accessories as party favors. They will have lots of fun playing dress up and feeling grown up.