Pretend Play Party Hats & Masks Glamour Makeup Costume Jewelry

Dress Up & Pretend

All of the children will feel like they are part of the festivities when they get to dress up in the theme of the party. This section consists of party hats and masks, glamour makeup for little girls and playful costume jewelry. These are inexpensive items that you can buy so all of the children can get in on the party spirit.

Dress Up Hats and Masks Glamour Girl Dress Up Dress Up Costume Jewelry
Dress Up costumes

Hats and masks are the perfect alternative to traditional party hats. Some great ideas include construction hats, cowboy hats, tiaras, superhero masks, dinosaur masks and safari hats. You can even get puppy dog ears and squiggly antennas!

Little girls planning to play dress-up for their princess party will love the wide variety of scented lip glosses, fancy hair accessories and novelty cosmetics. Everything is child friendly. Glosses come in fun colors and containers shaped like hearts, cupcakes, ice cream cones and more. All glosses go on clear.

Very young girls love dress-up jewelry. This consists mostly of rubber bracelets and beaded necklaces, many of which have popular characters on them. Costume jewelry make little girls feel glamorous and grown-up. It also makes playing pretend so much more fun.

Remember, in addition to pretend and dress-up items, we also sell thousands of costumes and accessories.