Party Streamers

Streamers are a great party supply that can really add to the festive atmosphere of any room. These decorations can be hung from the ceiling or walls, draped over furniture, or hung in doorways. Party streamers are typically long rolls of colored tissue paper that can be cut into any length. They can be solid colors or printed with a design, repeating message, or pictures.


Choose party streamers that go with your birthday or party theme. Make sure the streamers match or compliment the rest of the decorations. Solid colors or patterns are good if there isn't a particular theme or if you want to keep some streamers on hand for any decorating purpose. Colored streamers are available in many colors ranging from black or white to every color of the rainbow and more. There are streamers available with polka dots, stripes, or stars. Many have repeating messages such as "Happy Birthday," "Party Zone," or "Let's Party."

Streamers are even more fun if there's a theme to match them to. Coordinate the streamers with the balloons, table coverings and tableware, and the rest of the decorations. Whether the birthday party's theme is Disney, cartoons, sports, animals, or flowers, there's a streamer for it.

The streamers are several inches wide and come in rolls 30 - 80 feet long so you can cut them into any length you need. You can have them hang from the ceiling to the floor or stretch from wall to wall in hanging arcs. Fill up a doorway to create a curtain. Create a border around the edge of the table or hang them down in strips like a table skirt. Party streamers are a must-have decoration for any party, so make sure you get several colors or themed rolls.