Party Blowers

Noise makers and blowers are a party favorite. Kids and adults alike love blowing into them to help celebrate an event--everything from birthday parties to New Year's Eve. Party blowers are little horns with a paper tube that unrolls and inflates when you blow into it, then rolls back up when you release. This is one party supply that everyone will love playing with. Leave them out so everyone can grab one, put one on each table setting, or include them in the favor bags.

  • Star Wars Rebels Blowouts (8 Pack)

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  • Transformers Blowouts (8 Pack)

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  • The basic blower is just a colorful paper tube on a miniature horn. Blow into it and the tube rolls out. Blowers also come in themed versions that can tie in with the rest of the party supplies and decorations. These fun party favors have a cardboard sleeve with a picture on it that will match the other party decorations. Whether the party's theme is Angry Birds, Hello Kitty, WWE, clowns, or animals, there's a party blower to fit right in. They're fun, colorful, and loud.

    There are also little cardboard horns with plastic mouthpieces. These are great for just making noise to celebrate the birthday or other event. They're a fun, inexpensive, and colorful party favor. Children will love blowing in them and even pretending to be in a parade.

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