When most people think of confetti they think of shredded paper. But party confetti is so much more. When you order birthday party confetti you'll receive a bag of shiny paper or cardboard cutouts featuring characters, designs, and symbols that you can coordinate with the other party supplies and decorations. Most of the confetti is not meant to be tossed around, but rather spread out on the table or around the centerpiece.


Part of the fun of planning a party is choosing a theme. Pick a favorite of the party child, whether it's sports, animals, Sesame Street, or a movie or cartoon. Once you've chosen the them you can pick out party supplies that match. Everything from banners to balloons to tableware is available in the different themes. The whole party can be coordinated, even down to the cake. Anything that helps create the atmosphere is a welcome addition. Confetti can be a fun way to add just a little more to the decorations.

If you don't want to match a specific theme, get simple confetti in shiny star shapes or paw prints. But if you really want to make the table spectacular, pick up a bag or two of the themed confetti. Cover the table in Disney princesses, Star Wars characters, Pokeman, Dora, dinosaurs, or any of the other fun confetti packages and the kids will go wild.