What's the difference between a cake and a birthday cake? Birthday candles, of course. It's not a real birthday party without a cake covered in fun candles. There are many different kinds to choose from. You can get traditional birthday candles and put on as many as the birthday child's age. Or you can get some of the themed candles for an even more special cake experience.


When you planned the party you chose a theme to match the interests of the birthday child. Whether it's Disney, wrestling, tropical fish, or Elmo, there's a candle or candle set to match. Get hula or flip flop candles for a summer themed birthday party, or tools and construction cones for a boy's party. For the girls, there's the hippie chick or the tea party themes. There are sports and princess themed candles too.

There are candles with letters on them to spell out "Happy Birthday" and candle numerals so you can customize the cake for any age. There are also fun swirly candles with stars on them and tall, thin, curvy candles for a totally unique look.

For even more fun, and a cake topper too. Cake toppers are plastic figurines that can be used to decorate the cake. And if you really want to tie the cake in with the rest of the party supplies and decorations, bake the cake in a novelty cake pan so that the entire cake is themed. No birthday party should be without an awesome cake topped with candles and decorations.